When Painting a Room Two Colors Which Wall Should be Darker

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When painting a room two colors which wall should be darker? Painting your room multiple colors can add drama and make it more interesting. The darker color often draws more attention, so deciding where to apply it is crucial to making the idea work out well. The article will help you learn the best steps to accomplish this task.

We shall look at specific places and ways to paint and colors that complement each other. Are you ready? Let find out together.

Places to use the darker color

If you want to use two colors in your room, the following places should have the darker shade of color:

Accent Walls

Typically, dark colors are used to create an accent wall. You should select a wall with an interesting character or one with furniture or painting that are meant to attract attention. However, plain walls are best, but if you have an attractive window or doors, a dark color can accentuate them.

It would be best to avoid selecting walls arbitrarily since too many focal points will make the room busy.

Changing space

If you want to create an optional illusion to give your room that magical feeling, dark colors can help you. Painting the walls at the extreme of a narrow room with a darker color makes the room appear to have added proportion.
For example, painting the ceiling a darker color can appear lower. This is good for a smaller room.

Chair rails

Most rooms are divided horizontally by chair rail into two. Painting out the difference with one color will give an odd look, but highlighting the detail of the rail improves the decoration. It is best to paint the upper wall lighter than the lower wall.
This step will make the ceiling look higher.

Also, you should attempt glossy white paint on the trim and a flat lilac pink on the walls over the chair rail. Consequently, paint the lower wall a deep plummy mauve to evoke a romantic scene.

Furthermore, you can color wash the upper walls soft cerulean or turquoise to bring out the sky or the sea look.

Free-wheeling freehand

If you don’t have a chair rail, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. You can use a carpenter’s level, rollers, and painter’s tape to apply an unpopular paint treatment that has the desired effect. Start by painting the upper wall a light color that compliments a deeper hue.

For example, linen as the light color complements sapphire on the lower wall.
Then, measure a horizontal line around the room to Mark the area to enable you to contrast lower-wall paint. Afterward, use the level and painter’s tape. With the small roller, paint a rough roller-width border around the room many shades darker than the upper wall color.

The next step is to use a long-handheld roller to cover the lower wall in any color of your choice. It would be best to use the roller horizontally and use the rough paint you made initially as a guide.


You can paint the baseboard a darker color for those who want to be subtle. If a trim such as a chair rail, try painting the area below with a dark color is an excellent option. However, you can use the same step without the chair rail if you want.

Home colors you should try.

Having discussed where you should paint a darker color in your room if you intend to use two colors, we want to suggest colors you can use for the room. This list includes colors suitable for the bedroom and the living room.


Terracotta paint makes your room feel warm. So if you decide to go with it for your living room, it will be an excellent idea because your guests will feel warm when they step into your living space. In addition, the color blends well with dark furniture.

Slate blue

Although you can use this color anywhere in the house, it is best to apply it in the bedroom. It is associated with clear skies and sunny days, so it evokes happiness. Hence, it would be wonderful to wake up and see such color in the morning.


For those with light wood furniture and flooring, the cream color will be a good option for paint. In addition, it gives the room an airy feeling. Also, you can use it anywhere in the house.

Light green

Light green is a popular choice among man homeowners. It is not too difficult to see why – light green brings a feeling of clean, earthly tones. Also, you can use it anywhere in the house. However, it is best to use it with light-colored furniture such as white.


If you want your room to appear larger, metallic color such as gold is the ideal choice. However, it is best to use it on an accent wall. It makes your home appear elegant. But, it would be best to use it with darker-colored furniture.


The color brings an elegant edge feeling. As a result, it’s a fantastic option for the bedroom. It is also a popular color, especially among ladies.


All shades of white are excellent for your home. It also makes a room look larger. In addition, it allows you to choose any color of furniture to decorate the home. Finally, white colors bring energy into a room.


If you are going for that dreamy feeling, grey colors are your best option. It is a cool color that brings out a room’s natural light and complements green and blue decorations.

How to select a color for my room

Psychologists have proven that colors have a widespread impact on our moods. Therefore, it is essential to take the issue of painting seriously. However, many people find it hard to make up their minds on the colors for their homes.

Start by looking at the furniture in your room. It is possible to use more than one color for your home, so don’t try to think of one color that will fit the living room, bedroom, and the whole house. So, consider each room differently based on the furniture in it.

If you have mostly white or light wood, lighter design paints will work best—consequently, darker furniture pairs well with deeper, richer colors. When you decide on the general color for the home, explore other options for interior decorations.
After bringing your list of colors down to maybe three or four, visit the local hardware store and ask for a sample that you can take home. It is best to test a small part of your room with the sample to enable you to visualize the look.

If what you see appeals to you, get ready to paint. Please note that not all colors should be used in the bedroom. According to psychologists, the red color tends to speed up the heart rate. Darker brown and black make a room appear smaller.

If you have kids, their bedrooms should be painted with fun, vibrant sea blue and light green. It is best to avoid white and other light colors as children beat up their walls. Also, you can include a chalkboard wall in their bedroom.

Best color combinations for your room

When painting a room with two colors, there are many ways to accomplish the idea. The first is the use of complementary colors. A complementary color explains two colors at opposite ends in a color wheel. For example, yellow and green are at opposite ends of the color wheel.

When you decide on the two colors to use in your room, it is best to use an online color wheel to see if they complement each other. Using a complementary color enables you to create a bright, welcoming room. Common complementary colors to use in the room are: yellow and purple, blue and orange, red and green.

You can paint the lighter color on the upper part of the room, such as the ceiling, and paint the darker color on the walls, as we said earlier in the article. Hence, colors such as yellow, red, orange can be used on the upper part of the room because they are lighter.

Second, you can use monochromatic colors. You can select a lighter shade of your favorite colors to use on the upper part of the room and use the dark shade on the lower side for those with a favorite color. For this reason, many people create an accent wall with a lighter shade of their favorite color.

A common example is to use bright yellow on the walls. Then, paint the accent wall light yellow. It is an impressive trick that can make a room look larger. Also, it makes the room feel open.

Conclusion- When painting a room two colors which wall should be darker

There you have it! Here are some of the greatest ways to paint your room with two colors. If you are not sure about using colors, get a sample and use it to paint your walls and see how it turns out.

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