What Kind of Paint to Use on Concrete Walls – The Best Type of Paint to Use on Concrete Walls

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What Kind of Paint to Use on Concrete Walls? Painting concrete walls are not as simple as painting drywall and wooden surfaces. Also, it requires more skill. The reason for the complexity is that concrete transport moisture, absorb the paint, and expand and contract according to the environment’s temperature.

Hence, heavy-duty paints are needed rather than conventional paints. Concert walls and outdoor floors like patios, decks and floors are familiar places to paint in a house. Before you start painting a concrete wall, you should know that different paints exist for use on a concrete wall.

Typical examples are acrylic, epoxy paint, oil-based paint, elastomeric paint, and epoxy resin. However, the kind of paint you will use depends on the type of surface you want to paint. Therefore, that is the first thing to think about before deciding what paint to purchase.

This article shall consider the ideal pain to use on a concrete wall, floors, patios, decks, and other concrete surfaces. Also, we shall consider how to paint a concrete wall and how to seal concrete, among other things.

Concrete walls

The type of paint for concrete walls is identical to the ones you may use on concrete floors. However, it comes with additional additives. Hence, paints for concrete walls have lower prices than those for concrete floors.

If you intend to paint a concrete wall block, acrylic latex paint is your best option. Also, elastomeric wall paint is an excellent choice. These two paints are great for the walls because they have binders that enable the paint to contract and expand with the concrete.

Concrete floors

We know concrete floors are porous and generate dust with ease as a result of wear and abrasion. If you utilize, conventional acrylic paint would not be perfect for these type of floors. However, using latex acrylic paint offers a stronger bond.

But, you will need to carry out retouches yearly, but that will depend on how often the floor is used. Oil-based paint types are not suitable because they tend to be slippery, leading to home accidents.

Your best option is to select epoxy floor paints on concrete floors because they are more durable than slightly more expensive. Some people tend to use epoxy wall paint for both the wall and the floor. However, this is a wrong move because wall paints don’t have additives to prevent slip included in floor paints.

The reasonable thing to do is select one-part epoxy paint for your concrete floors because they resist oil chemicals, stains, molds, and chipping.

This type of paint resists mildew and peeling, which makes them an excellent choice for garage floors. However, the best choice for garage floors and driveways is two-part epoxy floor paint.

You may want to consider water-based epoxy paint for flooring interior parts of your home because they are durable enough for this purpose. However, you have to apply them properly to get the desired result. But, epoxy resin is the best way to go. However, they are more expensive.

Epoxy resin paints are great for outdoors and garage floors as well due to the fact they are long-lasting and are less slippery. On the other hand, if you desire to have a shiny, glossy finish, you can use a polyurethane coat. You can choose concrete staining if you don’t want to paint the surface.

Paint to use on patios, and other concrete surfaces

Other concrete surfaces need the type of paint that has non-slippery and water-resistant additives. Also, the paint you intend to use must be tough and durable to withstand UV radiation, peak temperatures, harsh chemicals, and wear and tear.

Most outdoor surfaces will need you to use epoxy concrete floor paints and acrylic epoxy coatings. But, it is best to make use of specialized paints and coating for this kind of surface.

To get a better result, search for patio paints when you need to paint your patio, as well as a pool deck when you need to have some work done on your pool deck. It is best to use concrete color stain for your patios due to its ability to produce the perfect outdoor look.

Tips for Painting Concrete

If you intend to paint your concrete wall yourself, these few points will complete the work. Always read the instructions on the product labels.

It doesn’t matter if you have used the product in the past. It would be best if you always made an effort to read the instructions on the label to enable you to know how to use it. Also, it will help you learn how to apply it during a particular job.

However, if you didn’t understand the instructions on the label, ask the dealer to clarify the steps to enable you to know how to use it.

You need always to wear safety gear such as gloves, masks, boots, etc. All this gear will enable you to avoid accidents during the painting process. When dealing with an intense chemical such as muriatic acid, wear protective clothing because paints can lead to severe skin burns.

Make sure your homes are sufficiently ventilated all the time. The reason for this step is to avoid offensive odors that come with some of the coats.

Take care of the work area by keeping other people, children, and pets away as you perform your task of painting. You should take the same step during the drying period too.

It would help if you considered checking the weather forecast for some days before embarking on your painting job. This move is crucial because some painting processes need days to dry, which means you need warm weather to complete the process correctly.

Best concrete Paints You can Find

Here we shall provide you with our top three list of best paints for your concrete wall.

  • The Spruce Best Home by KILZ Interior Eggshell Paint and Primer in One

Bring back life to the surface of your concrete wall with this paint. It is a fresh, totally acrylic paint that KILZ manufactures. Using the perfect coat of paint, you can turn a plain concrete wall and give it a new life.
After considering feedback from consumers, the company developed the perfect paint for your concrete wall. It is an excellent paint for surfaces that see a lot of traffic. The paint will provide comprehensive coverage for uneven surfaces.

  • Drylok Bamboo Beige Latex Concrete Floor Paint

This paint is perfect for covering up imperfections. This reliable paint is resistant to cracking, scuffing, and peeling. Also, it provides ideal covering up to 499 square feet with one gallon.

Furthermore, it adheres well to clean surfaces and saves time on putting down layers of paint to accomplish glossy, pristine protection on your concrete. Users testify that it is the best paint to use on problematic areas like driveways.

  • KLIZ Epoxy Acrylic Interior/ Exterior Concrete and Garage Floor Paint

The floor of the garage gets the most amount of traffic, dropped tools, and resting vehicles. Therefore, if you want to use a new coat of paint, using this paint brings higher aesthetic value and levels a sloping concrete slab.

Further, it fills deep divots and snaking cracks and offers protection to the garage from oil stains and chemical stains.

Conclusion – What Kind of Paint to Use on Concrete Walls

Painting is a great way to bring life back to concrete walls as well as other surfaces. Here you will find the best group of paints to use for your concrete walls. Also, we provided essential tips that will help you accomplish your task of painting.

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