Top 4 Most durable Wood Floor Paint(Review & Buyer’s Guide 2022)

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Wood floors can be attractive and bring out the decoration in your home. However, it would look old and dull after some months or years. At this point, you need to paint them so you can add some life to your home.

Now, it is not easy to decide most durable wood floor paint to use for the floors. Moreover, the decision is made harder when you consider the variety of paints available in the market at the moment. Therefore, this article will let you know the type of paint to use on wood floors and other vital information about paints.

Durable paints for wood floors

For a long time, conventional oil-based enamel wood paint was the best choice when painting a wood floor. It is easy to see why people made this choice: the type of paint was durable to survive lots of foot traffic without fading.

Also, it is resistant to stain and scratch, which is a perfect characteristic for floor paints. However, paint manufacturers phased out oil-based paints because they are not environmentally friendly. In addition, oil-based paints release a significant amount of fumes into the air, and users need to clean them up with either a solvent such as paint thinner.

Most paint makers see latex-based paints as the future. Also, the type of paint is environmentally friendly, hardly releases fumes, and requires only soap and water to clean it up. Furthermore, latex-based paints dry faster than oil-based pain

Previously, latex-based paint was less durable and offer a duller color than oil-based paints, so people became reluctant to use them. But, latex-based paint has advanced in recent times. The paints have become durable, resistant to peeling, flaking, and blistering.

Today, most latex-based paints perform as well as oil-based paints without the negative environmental impact. Another excellent choice for painting your wood floor is acrylic-based enamel wood paint. Acrylic types of paints have similarities with the latex type.

However, the main dissimilarity between the two is acrylic paint is chemical-based, while latex paint is water-based. Furthermore, acrylic paint is slightly more durable than latex-based ones. So the acrylic paints are a bit more expensive.

Reviews of the Top 4 Most Durable Wood Floor Paint

Although, there are many paint brands for wood floors in the market. Here is the top four of the best paint brand for your wood floor.

1.INSL-X Tough Shield Acrylic Floor and Patio Paint

INSL-X Floor and Patio Paint is a popular choice among homeowners. The acrylic paint works well on wood floors. In addition, it is durable and capable of withstanding various weather conditions.
It’s also abrasion-resistant and can withstand a lot of foot traffic. There are three main colors on the market: grey pearl, light gray, and tile red.


  • It is a safe, durable paint for floors, porch, patio, etc.
  • It was made to provide a durable, low luster flush finish.
  • It offers good coverage.
  • The paint is easy to use with a brush.


  • It should not be applied when the temperature is above 32°C.


The paint has a firm and quick set on wood floors.

2.KILZ Over Armor Smooth Wood/Concrete coating

KILZ Over Armor Smooth Wood/Concrete coating is another good option for painting wood floors. It is durable and resistant to cracking as well as peeling. Furthermore, it is easy to clean up because it requires soap and water.

The paint dries rapidly, so you can put on a second coat without waiting for a long time. Immediately after you are finished, the paint cures within three days, faster than most paints. You can purchase the chocolate brown, slate grey, and redwood colors of the paint on Amazon or in your local hardware store.


  • The paint is designed to last long on wood floors.
  • It is easy to apply and clean up.
  • It dries faster than most paints.


  • It is expensive.


The paint is an excellent choice for both concrete and wooden floors.

3.Rust-Oleum Home Interior Floor Paint

Rust-Oleum home interior floor paint is a premium quality product. The paint comes with an excellent two-part floor coating system which facilitates the easy switch from an old to a new, improved look.
In addition, you will appreciate the colors from your bathrooms to doorways. Hence, it is the most obvious choice for hardwood floors.


  • All-round paint is suitable for different floors.
  • It is helpful in home remodeling.


  • It is best not to use this paint when the weather is wet and dampening.


It is more than ordinary paint, and it is best to use on hardwood floors.

4.INSL -X CTS39989A- 01 Tough Shield

If you want that rugged, aesthetic look on your wooden floor, this paint should be your best choice. The paint follows the company’s traditions of producing premium quality products.
The paint provides a shield to your floor and patio. It is also water-based acrylic paint that protects the floor from detergents, grasses, and scratches.


  • Applicable in residential projects.
  • It offers a rugged appearance on the surface.


  • Applicable in residential projects.
  • It offers a rugged appearance on the surface.


It is a good option for indoor painting.

Preparing wood floors for painting

Before you can apply paint to your wooden floor, the first step is to prepare the floor for the process. You should follow the steps below to complete the process:

Sand the floor

If your wooden floor has paint on it before, you need to sand it to remove the old paint. The process will need a 60-grit abrasive paper. You should remember to use knee pads and a dust mask to make it easier to complete the process.
Sweep and vacuum the floors to eliminate any dust residue when you are through. Consequently, you may need a damp towel to remove fine dust.

Prime your floor

A group of professionals suggest carrying out a process called spot priming on the wooden floor before painting. Spot priming implies restricting the primer used to areas without any finish. But, if you don’t have any exposed wood, you don’t need the primer and should proceed to the next step.

If you want to include a primer, it would be good to sandpaper the primer after it dries. The move will make the primer ready for paint use. The ideal size of the sandpaper should be 220-grit.
It is crucial to slightly roughen the primer, but not excessive force.

Include painting tape

You should ensure to include painting tape to safeguard your moldings and others sections of the floor you don’t want to paint.

How to paint the floor

After getting the wood floor ready for painting, the next step is to learn how to paint the floor. However, if you don’t want to do it yourself, some professionals will help you complete the process. But, if you want are handy, these do-it-yourself steps will help you paint your wood floors.

Cut the edges

You should use a paintbrush to cut into the room’s edges to prevent getting paint on your walls. It is best to cut in about 2 – 3 inches from the wall to do the trick.

Apply the paint

Then pour your paint into a tray and roll it onto the floor. Again, it is best to stay away from the exit instead of trapping yourself in the room.

Use another coat

It is best to wait for at least a day or two until the first layer dries up, then apply another coat.

Seal the floor

You should use polyurethane in high-traffic places, where you expect there will be the most foot traffic. Adding the sealer to your flooding will create an added layer of protection.

Give the paint time to dry.

You should avoid doing too much on your newly painted flooring until it cures fully. The curing process takes about 14 days, depending on the paint you used.
But, in less ideal conditions, you may need a month. It would be good to follow the curing instructions on the paint.

Conclusion-Most Durable Wood Floor Paint

If you have a wooden floor, you may need to paint it. However, choosing the best paint for wood floors is not easy because of many paint options. However, the steps discussed in this article will help you select the best paint for your wood floor.

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