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Painting a corrugated roof is practically a DIY project and getting the best paint for corrugated metal roof will help you build your home’s value and curb appeal. Having a metal roof painted should be done only a couple of times in one’s life, and with several considerations on the various types of paint available presently, it is not easy to choose one for your metal roof. Especially if your roof is made of galvanized steel, you can’t just select any type of paint.

However, if you want your corrugated metal roof to last for a very long period, choosing the right and best paint would make it a step easier. Fortunately, I’ve researched several paints for roofing projects, and yes, I’ve been able to bring to your knowledge some of the best paints for corrugated metal roofs.

So relax while we take a look at each product, know how best they can work for your project, and go ahead to purchase one of your choices.

Note: Although any tool can be used, the most common ones are brushes and rollers specially designed for corrugated metal roofing.

Best paints for corrugated metal roof reviews: Top picks

1. Spray & Forget Revolutionary Roof Cleaner Concentrate

This cleaner is certainly a revolutionary one that leaves your roof looking all shining and bright.
The spray and forget roof cleaner is quite reasonable, such that its concentrate makes up to 10 gallons in total. It can cover an area of approximately 1000 to 2000 sq. ft. to give it that wow finish. Its non-corroding ability and eco-friendly features give it an upper edge.

It works best for surfaces such as fences, roofs, siding, shutters, and the like. As we’d love to have our dream house looking sparkling clean, this revolutionary roof cleaner is bleach-free, non-acidic, and contains no heavy phosphates or metals. These are a few characteristics that make it so special and safe to use.

The cleaner is mostly suited for outdoor or exterior surfaces as it helps remove any stain that could be caused by moss, mildew, mold, algae, or lichens. It doesn’t require rinsing, pressure washing, or scrubbing your exterior surfaces. This biodegradable and non-caustic formula penetrates the stain and gets rid of them.

As its name implies, spray and forget. Once sprayed, just forget it and allow nature to act upon it to give optimum results.


  • It is a biodegradable, reasonable, and efficient cleaner.
  • Eco-friendly, bleach-free, and non-corrosive.
  • Its 1-gallon pack amounts to 10 gallons.
  • There’s no need for rinsing and scrubbing.


  • It usually requires a long time to get the outcome.

2. Jefcoat Cool King Reflective Acrylic Roof coating

The jet coat five-year white reflective roof coating is an acrylic roof coating designed to form a rubber-like membrane over a variety of roof surfaces. This coating reflects the ray of the sun, hence resulting in a cooler home and energy cost savings.

They are designed for use on metal, masonry, polyurethane foam, asphalt and wood surfaces. Their long-lasting protection reduces energy fees and lower maintenance costs. This roof coating will cover roughly 50-70 square feet each application with just one gallon.

However, I often recommend two coats for the absolute best coverage. Also, ensure the temperature when working is at a minimum of 60 degrees Fahrenheit and rising. Do not apply when the temperature dips below 60 degrees Fahrenheit as predicted in the next 24 hours, do not apply.

Its drying time usually takes 2-3 hours to dry to touch before you go ahead and apply the second coat. Once completely dried, your roof will be sealed by a rubber-like cooling membrane such that leakages are prevented, and your roof is protected.


  • Easy to apply
  • Provides long-lasting protection to roof surfaces.
    It may be used on a wide range of surfaces.


  • Takes a long time before drying

3. Henry roof coating

This painting by Henry is for metal painting, and it has an acrylic base. This paint is ideal for a protective coat over any surface that needs to be painted to avoid damages like rusting, abrasion, weathering, or corrosion.

The roof coating paint in question gives a sleek reflective coating and allows the surface to look as good as new. Some of the features of this paint are that it has a reflective roof coating, is stain resistant, is user-friendly, and is very easy to apply.

When we talk about it being reflective, we are trying to say it protects surfaces from overheating by reflecting the sun’s heat, which leads to a cooler temperature needed by your roof.

Also, the acrylic base contributes to a bright and smooth-looking surface, even when added to a pre-coated surface. And because of the presence of this acrylic base which makes it bright white, it tends to resist all stains and protect the surface.
Due to the weather protection this paint provides, the longevity of your roof is, however, guaranteed.


  • This coating is perfect for application on a pre-coated surface, leaving a smooth surface behind.
  • It expertly controls and lowers the temperature of your roof, and it also protects painted surfaces such that UV light from the sun is resisted.


  • If the paint isn’t applied correctly and on suitable surfaces, it tends to chip off.

4. Ames metal paint

Ames metal paint is one painting you can always depend on if you want long-lasting protection for your roof. I mean, it’s literally like the best product for me. It can work well in regions that regularly receive cold temperatures and can withstand rough weather.

This metal paint, too, just like others, provides you with the best protection against UV rays. The 98% reflection parameter on your corrugated metal will keep your house cool and lower your electricity bills.

This premium quality roof coating contains a watertight seal, and the plastic paint prevents leakage and doesn’t absorb water. The fascinating part is that it is composed of an acrylic polymer that melts snow and rainwater to slide away from your roof.

Also, it ensures that paint doesn’t damage the environment as it doesn’t contain any hazardous silicone. This long-lasting paint for metal roofs tends to stretch the life of your exterior metals by ten years. That’s to tell you how durable it is.


  • It is cost-effective and provides excellent coverage.
  • Offers ten years of protection
  • Provides exceptional mildew control
  • Covers damaged metal seamlessly.
  • Improves roof’s longevity.


  • Works best within temperatures 55 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Tends to wash off if it rains within 24 hours of application.

Buyers Guide: How to find the best paint for corrugated metal roofs

After several kinds of research and procurement of metal roof paint products over the years, I’ve discovered the different types of paints available. They include Latex, acrylic, silicone, polymeric, and liquid rubber.

Also, we have hybrids. Each of these types has its ups and downsides, and it can be quite challenging to know which is best for any given situation.

However, the best paint for corrugated metal should possess the following qualities.

  • A reasonable coverage rate
  • Resistance to UV light
  • High adhesion to smooth surfaces
  • Long-lasting ability
  • Anti-corrosion properties
  • Elasticity: To deal with extremes in temperature.

However, if your metal roof is visible, the color choice is surely a factor to consider.
A corrugated metal roof is perfect because it can withstand severe weather conditions like snowstorms, hail storms, hurricanes, and heatwaves. However, you can always make it better with the right paint because paints tend to extend the life of your metal roof for a few more years, especially if you do repaint constantly.

And although this roof is fire-resistant, investing in it means investing in a room that’d last you a lifetime.
Meanwhile, before purchasing just anyhow paint for your metal roof, you really should be sure about the particular paint type that works best for your corrugated metal roof. Let’s see below.

Paint type

It is not advisable to use any paint for your corrugated metal roof; it’s a no-no for me. You need acrylic-based paint, which isn’t just any “acrylic-based paint.” It practically should be for “exterior use.”
Moreover, acrylic latex paint works best if you have a relatively new roof that is still free of visible damage.

Paint composition

It is necessary to note that the kind of paint to use must be based on the roof’s position and weather conditions. Because if your roof would likely be more exposed to sunlight, you want to go for a paint that can withstand heat. Meanwhile, painting with different compositions is ideal for a roof in a shaded area.

Furthermore, the paint composition will also directly impact the roofing system’s energy efficiency. So you must be aquatinted with your options. In this regard, the quality of a top coat’s finish is often based on the type of resin and its pigment finish.

Here are some of the different finishes that can put you through choosing the best paint for your corrugated metal roof.


This particular finish is the least expensive paint for metal roofs, and it comes in medium-high gloss colors. However, they easily fade away compared to silicone polyester ones, especially if exposed to direct sunlight. Choosing light colors is much better since fading is less noticeable with them.

Fluoropolymer Resin

Roof paints made of fluoropolymer resin are high-performance, field-tested exterior paint. They tend to have higher chalking resistance as well as higher color retention. This finish is also very much resistant to signs of wear, and they are great for multiple applications that are capable of enhancing your corrugated metal roof years.

Silicone polyester

Silicone modified polyester uses polyester resins mixed with silicone additives that help boost paint performance. However, the higher the silicone content, the more durable its finish is. They also come in medium-high gloss colors and are resistant to chalking and fading.

Roof color

Light-colored paints or reflective finishes are great because they tend to reflect sunlight. However, this tells you that a home with a corrugated metal roof painted in this color is more energy-efficient. So for homes that get hot during warmer periods, the light-colored paints are sure a perfect option. Meanwhile, if your house gets unnecessarily cold during winter, you’re good to go with darker colored paints.

What tint color to go for

Once you decide on a light or dark roof color, you’d want to think about the tint color. I often suggest paler hues such as peach, light blue, or silver for lighter roofs. While for darker roofs, paint in shades of green, red, or blue should do. However, your choice of tint is dependent on several factors like:

The surroundings
Perhaps your roof is surrounded by trees, or it has a backdrop of the sky or other buildings. Then you want to pay close attention to your roof’s immediate surroundings as this would help you choose just the right color.

Other colors in the home
Whether you’re going for a bold contrast or something even complementary, in whatever you choose, be sure that your roof’s tint meshes well with the color scheme of your home, especially the windows, frames, and doors.

Neighborhood looks
Although a bit of individuality is awesome, if you want to retain a good relationship with your neighbors, it’s a good place to go for something that matches the overall look of your street.

Kerb appeal
Whatever color choice you opt for, be sure it will boost your home’s overall look and curb appeal. If you’re very certain about this, you’ve found just the perfect tint!

Methods of application

The three typical methods of applying paint to your corrugated metal roof are brush, roller, and spray gun.


By using a brush, you can get into all those areas where a roller basically cannot reach. Areas such as ridge sections and underneath flashings. However, if the roof is extremely flat, you may want to use a soft yard brush to quickly spread the paint across the surface.


You’d need to roll across the slope by being profiled or corrugated unless you have access to a profile roller. That is a roller shaped to match the corrugation or cladding profile. However, a short nap roller delivers the best finish.

Spray gun

Of all application methods, indulging the use of a spray gun is the most effective. The two types of spray we have are air and airless sprays.
For starters, air spray does need a compressor. This can be heavy and bulky. And it isn’t something you’d want to haul up onto a roof. At the same time, airless sprayers pump the paint directly from the can or maybe a container attached to the spray gun.

When used properly, spraying gives the absolute best finish, and it is the fastest means of application. However, the downside to this spray gun is cost. Spray guns and compressors aren’t cheap, trust me.

But you can always hire them.
But whichever method you opt for, bear in mind that the areas of coverage stated in this guide are only for flat surface areas. The actual surface is lesser depending on the depth of groove or profile.

Note: When trying to price or order the paint, ensure you allow 25-30% extra for profile depth.

How to Paint Your Metal Roof – Easiest Way to Obtain the Perfect Result

You’ve chosen the color you feel should work best for you, and you’re ready to go. However, follow these easy steps explained below to get the best outcome.

Before applying your paint, you want to ensure your roof is properly cleaned. And how this is done depends on the current state of your roof.

If you’re dealing with a roof that is less than a year old, you’ll need to use a metal degreaser to clean it, as this would help the paint bond well to the surface.

If the roof is over a year and has never had a finish on it before, use a metal cleaner to clean it.
If your roof has been painted before for over a year, you want to give it a thorough cleaning, using a high-pressure washer while scrubbing the tough areas with a bristle brush to get rid of grease dirt flaking paints.

Next, you want to check your roof screws and ensure they are all properly fastened and in good condition. Repair or replace them if necessary. Cleaning up any rust patches on the roof at this time is an excellent idea.

If your roof has been painted, use a metal primer to prime it. Meanwhile, if the roof is painted but has bare patches from rust removal, you should also apply a primer to those areas.

Once you’ve successfully followed these steps, you can rest assured that your roof is properly cleaned and primed. And you can start painting by now.

You want to pick a fine, clear day and work from the top down, ensuring you don’t lean on areas after being painted.

Conclusion – Best Paint for Corrugated Metal Roof

Talking about painting, getting a good quality that won’t cost you a bank is important. Fortunately, several quality products on the market don’t cost too much.

Depending on your quality, roof paint often costs around R850 to R1000 per liter drum.
Note: Already be on the lookout for special offers when shopping for roof paint.
Many of these manufacturers offer a range of tints almost at the same cost or, better still, for a little extra. So, you can always get the paint color you desire without stretching your budget.

Also, depending on your roof state, you might need to sand out the rust and apply a cleaner or metal degreaser like NS1 Rust Buster which helps convert rust back to metal, with a primer such as NS4 Anti-Rust coating that acts as a sealant.
This would normally cost around R150 to R250 for a liter for each product. And for a single roof with a spread rate of 8sqm.

However, if you want to pressure wash your roof first, you can always hire a pressure washer, around R400 per day. Good quality pressure washers are usually very expensive to buy.

So if you consider a pressure washer an investment, then avoid cheap pressure washers priced better than R2000 and R2500 as they are the only perfect options for washing cars and industrial-sized jobs. For a 200sqm roof, the pressure washing should take about a day or two.

With a 300sqm of surface area in the outskirts, a bedroom family home wood usually costs R3500 to R4000 to paint, depending on the color and other materials. However, tinting would cost a little bit more.

Hopefully, a paint supplier should help determine how many liters of paint you’d need, but alternatively, you can always work this out yourself using an online calculator.

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