How to Wash Wall Fast – Best Homemade Wall Cleaning Solution

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You will learn the easiest way on how to wash wall fast in this article although human beings generally love to do things the hard way, I’m yet to understand why. I guess it’s simply just human nature to do things the way they are taught.

Although when it comes to cleaning if the only way you know how to do it is the hard way, I bet cleaning won’t happen as often as it ought to. And trust me, it’ll not always work, especially when you have kids around that depends on you to grow in a healthy environment.

So even if it’s just for the kids’ sake, it is more than enough reason to get this done. And this is why we’ve been on the lookout for an easier way to do things. So you’re not alone if you wish to learn how to wash walls quickly. So if you want to know how to wash walls fast, you’re sure not alone.

Though cleaning walls may seem like a never-ending task that sometimes you just really want to avoid, however, learning how to clean your walls would help keep your home fresh and clean such that you’re able to avoid the accumulation of dirt and dust that can make your home look dull and also capable of triggering asthma and allergy attacks.

Now let’s dive into business at once.

Cleaning walls the old-fashioned way

Back in those days, water and rags were the only requirements to clean walls. I mean, do you remember snow white and the seven dwarfs? How she cleaned up their cottage this way, and there was some animal licking going on. Let’s not even get into that. I know that was the ugliest example to give, but you get the gist.

Also, if you’ve ever lived with a grandparent, mothers especially, you’d understand better. All you had to do then was to pull everything out of the closet, dust it out, and then wipe only the visibly dirty parts with your bucket of water and a wet rag. That was all it took to accomplish this.

However, using a wet rag is the most basic way to wash walls or surfaces throughout the home. I’d only recommend indulging it in low-traffic areas because otherwise, you should use some sort of cleaning agent to wash away smudges and body oils that make our homes dirty.

Cleaning walls fast

Nobody will love to spend the whole day cleaning their walls, but getting such a large area cleaned quickly can be tricky. The finish of the wall, in a way, is actually what determines whether or not you’d wash fast.

For instance, those walls with textured paints and lots of paintings, shelves, and other decorations will take time to clean. However, follow the steps below to see how this works:

Step 1: Prep the area

Firstly before you start washing your walls, you want to remove any artworks and other objects from the surface of your wall. Remove nails if possible so you can start with a smooth surface, and apart from that, so as not to scratch or cut yourself on a nail, you want to take precautions by removing the nail.

Step 2: Dust your walls

Using a long-handled brush or Swiffer-type tool, clean the room. Remove dust bunnies and cobwebs carefully without having them pressed against the wall to avoid leaving a streak.

You could as well use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. You just need to attach an extension wand and dusting tool to go over the walls to clear out any loose debris before you start cleaning the wall.

Step 3: Dealing with high ceilings

Perhaps you’ll be washing those areas you can hardly reach; attach the cloth, and position the smooth side to any Swiffer type floor cleaner. Then you start working from the top of the wall down to the bottom.

Ensure that you stop at intervals to blot your cloth. You’d be surprised at how much dust would have been removed. Get your cloth rinsed out with fresh, clean water once you’re sure the dust has been eliminated.

Step 4: Dust baseboards

Using a baseboard cleaning tool or the smooth side of the cloth, ensure you dust the baseboards thoroughly. You should not skip this step as it is necessary not to allow dust buildup from the baseboards to get into your solution.
Use another clean cloth when needed.

Step 5: Cleaning walls

The vinegar and water solution is one great all-purpose cleaner that can be used to wash walls effectively.
Start by mixing 1/4 cup white vinegar with one quart (32 ounces) of warm water in a container. Just a relatively small amount of vinegar mixed with warm water will be sufficient to do the job.

Note: Try to carry the bucket around with you in the room while working. Depending on the size of your bucket, adjust the amount as needed to keep it only halfway filled to avoid spills.

Then you get a particular spot, an area that is blocked from view by furniture and test-clean. Dip a sponge into your mixture and wring out until excess water has been removed. Using minimal pressure, wipe the area in a circular motion.

Then repeat the process with a second sponge, this time around with clean water to rinse. Then you pat dry with a soft cloth or towel.

Observe the test spot with the rest of the wall. If you’re sure your mixture did the trick, then you can continue with the mixture on your walls, just as it is. Meanwhile, if the test spot seems dirty compared to the remaining wall, you may need to increase the ratio of the vinegar to water and repeat.

Lastly, get a bucket filled with clean water. It should only be filled halfway to avoid the water sloshing over the sides as you carry it. Use for rinsing together with another clean sponge.

Ensure to refresh the bucket with clean water periodically, depending on how strong your solution is.

Cleaning walls without streaks

I get complaints from many people about how their walls get streaks on them after cleaning. Painted walls, especially those with matte or satin paints, often develop streaky patterns when they get dried. However, below are the different ways to avoid creating streaks when cleaning walls.

Dust walls before cleaning
Many streaks are caused by dirt that was already on the walls. And when this dirt is mixed with a cleaner spray, it tends to turn mud-like, and cleaning only moves like it, leaving streaks behind.

The walls shouldn’t get too wet
If your cleaning solution gets to drip or run down the wall, it’d create streaks once it dries. So you want to use a spray bottle to apply the cleaner as a fine mist, and don’t overdo it.

Don’t scrub too hard
When you scrub too hard, the paint on your wall might remove, leaving streaks behind, which to fix requires repainting the wall surface. You only need to glide your cleaner over the wall to remove most dirt and dust.

Apply gentle cleaning solution

Most times, walls do not require powerful detergents before they get cleaned. Moreover, the harsher the cleaner you use, the more it gets to affect the paint. So a gentle, all-purpose cleaner is best used.

How to clean bathroom wall

Bathroom walls are easily prone to dust streaks, watermarks, and even mold due to the high humidity. While there’s no need to use different methods or tools to clean your bathroom walls, you can take a few methods to reduce the accumulation of dampness and dirt.

  • Wipe walls down immediately after your bath or shower. By doing this, you can reduce condensation and help prevent mold.
  • You can also prevent mold before it flourishes on your wall by using a fungicidal cleaner. This cleaner tends to leave a residue on walls, making it harder for mold to grow.
  • Lastly, always use an extractor fan or leave the bathroom door open to allow moisture to evaporate rapidly.

Conclusion – How to Wash Wall Fast

Though cleaning walls may seem like an unending task that sometimes you want to avoid, however, if you’d follow through with all of these very simple yet effective steps mentioned above, I can assure you of a successful and very fast DIY operation, which in the end, leaves your wall looking fresher and cleaner without the use of any chemical.

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