How to Remove Spray Paint from Bricks

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How to Remove Spray Paint from Bricks? It is possible to see spray paints appear suddenly on your wall. Also, you may want to redo a mural, desire to get rid of the spray paint to enable you to start fresh.

Spray paints are beneficial, but they can be messy as well. The dreaded overspray and drips that may leave you with an extra coating of paint on unsuspecting surfaces are well known to most of us. Also, the chances are that your home and business can have some unwanted graffiti.

Several methods will enable you to eliminate spray paint from bricks or any other surface. Whatever way you decide to use to get rid of spray paints will depend on the surface and the kind of paint involved.

Hence, or would be best to check the paint label to decide if the offending paint is oil-based or water-based.
Furthermore, you should try one of the processes discussed below because they will work on metallic, plastic, skin, and porous surfaces.

Each method is slightly different from the other because it depends on the paint base you want to remove. This article will look at vital things that will help you remove spray paint from bricks.

Also, we shall list supplies necessary for you to remove spray paint from bricks. Finally, we shall discuss techniques that will enable you to get rid of spray paint from the wall.

Materials You Need to Remove Spray Paints

  • Pressure washer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Oil-based soap
  • Olive oil
  • Industrial paint remover

How to Remove Spray Paint from Bricks

The process or removal are primarily similar for most products. However, you will need to utilize a particular solution for spray paint removal. Examples of these solutions are Grand Graffiti removal, watchdog wipe out, goof off, citristrip gel.

Use Grand Graffiti Remover

If you utilize Grand Graffiti Remover, you can rest assured that the spray paint will dissolve without damaging the underlying brick. It won’t lead to any severe damage to the surface since it is designed for graffiti removal.

Nonetheless, ensure to apply it according to the direction written on the bottle. Before you use the remover, it is best to test a tiny spot to ensure it doesn’t damage the underlying brick once you finish and ensure that the remover will do no significant damage after using it on the brick.

Then, spray the product onto the affected spot and allow it to sit for half a minute or more. It is best not to sit too long because it can progress to the deeper part of the brick and cause severe damage. Make use of a rag or the microfiber cloth to wipe away the product.

You will see a large amount of paint come off with the product. Make use of soap, water, and a soft-bristled brush to wipe off any remnant of the product. If it proves to be difficult, utilize a pressure washer to eliminate the rest of the paint. Repeat this process as often as necessary.

Using watch dog wipe out

Using a half-gallon bucket of watch dog wipe out is excellent for the large quantity of paint. Watch Dog is a different product from others because it comes in a bucket and is not a spray application.

Therefore, all you need to do is to wipe this particular product onto the wall with a cloth and use it to remove the area affected by apart paint by dissolving it.

After you are done testing, use a cloth and wipe it through the bucket to soak the product into the wall. Use the rag to wipe across the painted area of bricks. Few amounts of paint will come off, but it will work towards liquefying the paint you applied.

Make use of another rag, and wipe off the dissolved spray paint. Also, use soap and warm water or the pressure washer to get rid of the paint residue from the wall. Repeat this process if necessary.

Making use of Goof Off

This compound is mainly an aerosol paint stripper. Hence, it would help if you were cautious when you want to use this element. The strength of this paint removal makes it one of the most robust products when you want to consider paint removal agents, adhesives, or other debris.

We suggest that you carry out a little test on the Goff Off to confirm its ability under quick and more prolonged exposure. Testing is crucial because it can cause serious harm to your brick or any other surface, which is used if you allow it to sit for a more extended period than necessary.

During testing, it is best to allow it sot for half a minute or more so it won’t cause any harm to the underlying surface of the brick. Then, spray on the product over the surface sparingly. If you utilize a cloth, wipe off the surface as fast as possible.

The undesirable spray will come off the brick and appear on the cloth. After, use another clean cloth and clean off the surplus to ensure the Goff Off doesn’t stay on the surface for too long.

Using Citristrip Gel

This gel is a bit different from others discussed in the article. The reason is that it is a gel and not a spray or liquid-like the rest. This gel has a thicker structure and can remain on the affected surface dripping less, which is a valuable characteristic.

However, its strength is not equal to some of the other alternatives discussed earlier. Nonetheless, it can be the ideal product for those who don’t like the previously listed options since they can severely damage bricks.
It is gentler on surfaces and has fewer caustic chemicals than others, making it a less risky option.

First, apply the gel to a piece of cloth. Then wipe the gel over the point of the overspray thickly, let it sit to start cracking the painted surface.

Make use of a clean cloth and clean the gel off the surface, removing the paint as you go. Finally, rinse the surface using water. Always brush away surplus paint and rinse using water.

Conclusion – How to Remove Spray Paint from Bricks

Safety is critical to this entire process. Safety here applies to yourself and the surface involved. Therefore, you need to make sure to verify that you won’t bring any damage to yourself or the brick wall by testing smaller areas before you do any other thing.

Furthermore, always were protective equipment like gloves and goggles to prevent aerosols from getting to your face. Removal products such as Goff Off can irritate the eye; they are strong on the skin. All these effects mean you need to take additional precautions never to spray them into the air.

It would help if you did not forget to use a rag or a brush when scrubbing. Metal brushes can scrape the underlying bricks. Hence they are not ideal for the process. After all, the process of removing spray paints from brick is not tricky.

If you make use of these products, the process will be a simple one for you. Hence, you will get your wall back in a short time.

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