How to Remove Dried Paint from Brick

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How to Remove Dried Paint from Bricks? As human beings, our taste changes with time. The white or blue painted brick that looked beautiful a few years ago may appear a bit dated now. However, it is a bit easy to get rid of dried paint from bricks. But determination and the right products will help you accomplish the task.

Depending on the outline of the task, it can take long hours or days to complete the job or removing the paint. As a result of the long hours needed to perform the task successfully, plenty of homeowners are not ready to commit their time to the project and prefer to use a professional for the task.

On the other hand, if you are working with a brick if a modest expanse or enjoy the challenge of removing dried paint from bricks provide, we have good news for you. You can use paint-stripping products, which have seen significant improvement over the years.

These paint-stripping products will make the work easier for both you and the brick itself. The new, safer production line is the best route to take. Plenty of professionals and do-it-yourself believers suggest the use of Citri-Strip SmartStrip for the task.

However, both of them are not cheap but are highly effective. Many can attempt a shortcut. For example, use sandblasting or power-washing the paint on the brick. However, these steps may prove to be bad because they will leave the building material in a susceptible condition.

You should know that plenty of caustic chemical-based paint-removal solutions identically affect the brick structure. If you get rid of paint from brick using any of these methods that can damage the brick, chances are there will be more problems than paint.

Specifically, when dealing with old brick, it is crucial to avoid cleaning the brick using a method that can bring lasting harm to it. The most effective way to remove paint from bricks is gel or paste elements alongside fabric-based peeling strips.

Paint strippers cause a chemical reaction that softens the paint and adheres to the fabric. The last step sees the fabric strips peeled off, which takes the paint with them in the process. Also, it exposes the real nature of the brick.

You should be aware of what you are about to do – the right paint can do most of the work for you. However, a typical situation will need you to scrub or scrap by hand further.

Tools and Materials

The following tools will help you complete the task of removing dried paint from bricks.

  • Paint strippers
  • Work gloves
  • Work clothes
  • Paint removal strips
  • Goggles
  • Respirator mask
  • Trowel
  • Painter’s tape
  • Brush

Steps that will Help You Remove Paint from Brick

We have come up with several steps that will help you accomplish your task. Although they are many, it is easy to understand. Test the paint stripped on a small part of the installation before you apply it on the brick to get rid of the paint.

This step will help you test the effectiveness of the selection of strippers. Also, you will learn how much effort you need to accomplish the task. Hence, you can decide to either do the work yourself or hire a professional.

Shorten the time you will spend on clean up after completing your work by setting up the workspace in a thoughtful manner. The reason is your workspace is going to be messy.

You can start by laying on the floor lots of drop cloths or plastic sheeting to catch peeling and flaking paint that will surely fall from the brick.

It would help if you didn’t forget to tape the clothes you laid or the plastic to the underside of the brick. If you want to avoid tampering with nearby painted areas of the brick, take some time to cover the rear totally with painter’s tape.

Wear the protective gear suggested by the manufacturers of the paint stripper you have selected. Nonetheless, remember to scrape any loose paint from the brick before you apply the paint strippers. Next, make use of a towel or a particularly designed tool from the manufacturers to apply the solution to the brick.

Ensure that you are thorough. Push the gel or paste solution into all the tiny spaces in the brick. Go layer by layer. Take your time to build the thickness of the stripper as recommended by the manufacturer.

Once the solution is in place, commence the process of positioning the peeling strips. Usually, these strips originate from fabrics which means they should be pressed and held against the stripper till they are attached firmly.

Ensure the stripes overlap, so they cover the entire surface of the brick and make it invisible. After applying the strips, allow them to sit for a while according to the time suggested by the manufacturer. Often it takes 24 hours, especially when several layers of paint are involved.

Once the right amount of time has elapsed, go back to the work area and lift off the strips. If you feel it is necessary, use a rag or towel to gain purchase behind strips. Peel the strip slowly and deliberately.

It would help if you didn’t rip them. During peeling, the paint should come off the brick also. If the strip leaves behind a compound or paint, use a towel to wipe off as much debris as you can. Perhaps the towel can’t handle the task, scrub using a brush and rinse with water afterward.

Always remember that getting rid of dried paint from bricks is a labor-intensive task and time-consuming project.

Ensure that you dispose of the strips used following the instructions of the manufacturers. For example, some chemicals top work automatically, which means you don’t have to do anything. On the other hand, some only stop after you have added a neutralizing chemical.

Conclusions – How to Remove Dried Paint from Brick

Getting rid of dried paint from bricks is a difficult task to accomplish. However, the steps discussed in this article will help accomplish this daunting task. Also, we included materials that will offer help to you and make it easier for you to complete your task.

Also, you will find basic instructions to follow to ensure you have an accident-free work area. Finally, the basic instructions talked about here will help a great deal to remove that dried paint that is making your brick ugly.

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