How to Paint Rims Black Matte

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How to Paint Rims Black Matte? Matte black wheels are increasing in popularity. They do provide a unique appearance, and if you like that, then indulge yourself. However, you need to consider this step carefully, but you don’t have to worry about it.

Matte black paints give your car wheels an attractive look, and a set of wheels with them can make a massive difference in your car’s appearance. But, you need to be aware of what to expect with matte black rims to prevent future problems.

Painting your wheels yourself is not an expensive or daunting task. Nonetheless, it is a labor-intensive task.

Hence, you may spend a whole day accomplishing the task and change your car’s appearance. You can get the flat black rim to look the way you want for a meager cost.

Materials you will need for the project

The following materials are a must-have for this job.

  • Masking tape
  • Protective gear
  • Newspaper
  • Metal paint
  • Sandpaper, 320 and 120 grit
  • Primer, which can be spray or paint on. However, paint is the preferred choice.
  • Wire scratch brush
  • Wheel cleaner
  • Gloss black wheel paint
  • Plastic wrapping
  • Rubbing alcohol

How to Paint Rims Black Matte( step-by-step guide)

How to Paint Rims Black Matte

After purchasing the materials above, the next step is to follow the steps discussed below to accomplish this task.

Fix the spot, where you want to paint rims

The area you choose must be well ventilated with no pollution. If you own a green yard, it would be best to use it. During work, every material is sensitive. Therefore it is best not to allow pollution to get to the protected area.

Alternatively, you can use a parking area, but it must have enough space to work and safe for you to keep your tools in it. Pay attention to avoid over-spraying the surrounding areas. It is safer to work in the home garage and parking lot when cloud.

It is best to work with your wheels out. Remove wheel rims and clean hard. Most experts suggest you remove rims out of the wheel.

The reason exists because it will help start the process with more accuracy. Rather than take all four wheels off, do it gradually. It is harder to get a successful result if you start painting the wheels attached to the vehicle.

To improve finishing, you have to be friendly, cleaning the wheels, including the black, chrome, and the rims you wish to paint. It is good to make use of a degreaser around the wheel surface.

If you clean between the spokes, it will eliminate unhealthy grime and dirt, use rages to get rid of residue, then gradually rinse with water.

Carry out a solid wash to remove rust

Before you apply the clear color coat, a well-finished surface is necessary. Although you have done the basic cleanup, now you need to give the wheels a hard clean. Start by using a wire scratch brush.

Through this means, you can grind away all the traces of rust. Take care to avoid chipping the finish. You can make use of elbow grease alongside the wire scratch to get a better result.

After you are through with the “brush wheel” part, utilize the grit sandpaper to remove sand from the wheel and later use a higher grit ( 500) sandpaper to improve the polish of the rusted area. Alternatively, you can use steel wool, but sandpaper makes a smoother finish.

When you feel the wheel is clean enough, allow it dry for some time if it appears dried with a better appearance, rubbing alcohol or a paint thinner to make the surface smoother. Immediately you are done with the rubbing process, use the primer. However, ensure the surface of the wheel is dehydrated.

Make use of the painter’s tape to avoid overspray

You are getting closer to completing your task. It is time to cover the wheel throughout the tires for restricting overspray. The most effective way to cover the wheel is utilizing painter’s tape. However, you can use a newspaper or stacks of index cards.

Next, cover the tires around by edge using the tape and wrap them nicely between the wheel and the tire. You should ensure to strip the valve stem too. This step will prevent risks of overspray, which can affect the quality of your work.

Use Prime, paint, and clear-coat

This is the time to use the primer. But, you need to know what the primer does. It prepares the rim for perfect paint adhesion. Without the primer, the paint won’t be permanent.

Apply primer after light color. After getting the surface dried of the primer coat, paint the rims black matte. Keep the can at the appropriate distance and use the recommended amount of coats.

It would help if you never held the can too close to the wheel because it darkens the particular area. Make use of color-coats slowly. Let each coat dry and then apply another to get a better result.

This is the last part that comes for clear-coat. The function is to furnish the paints and make them everlasting. Using two coats is enough. Ensure to apply both of them from the same distance as the color coat.

It aids in the prevention of the paint from dirt and corrosion. Remove the wrap of protection and install the black rims.

Drying the wheel after the task is compulsory. It requires a minimum of 24 hours to dry. Then, remove the tape or accessories that you have used for protection. Remove the cover from the valve stem too.

The final step is to install the wheels. You will be praised for a long drive because the task will look professional after you are done.

Conclusion – How to Paint Rims Black Matte

This guide is a professional one and can be carried out at home as well. We have made the entire process easy to comprehend so anyone can do it. Here you will find the basic materials needed for you to complete the task, and why these materials are necessary for each step.

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