How to Clean Really Dirty Walls (Best Cleaning Tips) – How to Clean Walls at Home

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Looking for how to clean really dirty walls? You are in the right place. In this guide, I will show you

So many of us do not notice our walls as we do horizontal surfaces like floors, counters, and furniture. No matter how well you design your home, they will detract from your investment if the walls are dirty or damaged.

You should consider wall washing if you take pride in keeping your home tidy and clean. Considering how much we touch our walls, dust and germs can easily build up if we don’t do regular cleaning.

Cleaning your walls protects you from health issues from dust accumulation like asthma and allergies, so learning how to clean really dirty walls is a skill worth learning. Washing away dirt and germs makes your home feel cleaner.

It also minimizes the spread of germs and viruses, thus creating a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

As vital as the overall condition of home walls is, the appearance is also important, as the mix of the two has a significant impact on the home’s overall appeal.

Materials needed to clean to Clean Your Walls

These things are needed to complete our cleaning processes

  • Drop cloth
  • Ladder
  • Sponges
  • Broom/ vacuum cleaner
  • Towels or absorbent clothes
  • Cleaning soap/vinegar/ baking soda
  • Buckets

Simple Steps to Clean Your Dirty Walls

In cleaning our walls, the first thing to consider is the finish. Whether the finish is glossy or flat will help determine how scrubbing will affect the look of the wall.
Important things to take note of;

For walls with flat paint, you must ensure not to use a harsh chemical as duller paint finishes that include flat, satin and egg finishes are less durable when it comes to cleaning. It’s important not to scrape too hard, and if you are washing with a sponge, the sponge must be completely wrung out before putting iton the walls.

Glossy or semi-gloss paints are highly durable, so it is okay to use mild degreasers. Although they are durable, using strong sponges might still cause a scratch.

For walls with latex paint, the best way to clean is to use warm water and a non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner.

Arrange drop cloth beneath the walls to protect your walls from cleaner and water drippings. By setting the cloth directly along the base of the wall, no moisture can get to the floor.

The next thing is to clear dust from your walls and baseboards. It is hard to clean your wall effectively if it is covered with dust, so you need to dust off the entire walls; you can use a vacuum with a brush attachment when dusting the baseboard.

Do not ignore corners as they tend to accumulate dust and are the common places for cobwebs to form.

You will need full access to your walls for a thorough cleaning, so you may have to remove furniture, wall ornaments and other things that may obstruct the surface.

After this, prepare your soapy water or vinegar solution. If it is the vinegar you are using, mix 4-5 tablespoons of vinegar in 1 gallon of water. If it is liquid dish soap, pour drops of the liquid soap into warm water.

Please do not use harsh cleaners on your walls as they can damage paint or finish. If your wall is wooden, you may require a harsh cleaner

Before directly applying it to the wall, test it on a tiny wall section. This is because some paints and finishes are more sensitive than others. Be sure to see that the wall does not react to the soapy water before applying it to the rest of the wall.

With a rag, clean off the wall thoroughly. Dip the rag into the mixture, squeeze it to make it damp and then wipe down in small, circular motions. Make sure you don’t use colourful dyed sponges, so you don’t end up staining your walls.

Rinse the cleaner with a different rag dipped inside clean, non-sudsy water. If the walls are multiple, you may need to replace water at intervals, so it doesn’t get too dirty.

With a clean, dry cloth, blot the surface to become as dry as possible.
You may require a stronger cleaning solution to remove stains from walls caused by discolouration or grubby hands. You should use the same solution you intend to use for the rest surface before strengthening it if necessary. There are specially formulated stain removers for stubborn stains that you may want to purchase.

Stubborn spots like fingerprints, newspaper, smudges, scuffs, crayons, and grease can be removed using baking soda. Make a paste using baking soda and water, then use a non-abrasive pad to massage the area.

For fruit drinks and wine stains, hydrogen peroxide is a natural whitening treatment acceptable for painted surfaces. With a clean, damp cloth, dab a small amount of hydrogen peroxide directly into the stain. Wait for a while, then wipe the area with a damp cloth.

Shaving cream works well for removing crayon marks. Squirt a bit onto the crayon marks and scrub lightly with an old toothbrush or a soft scrub brush. Clean with a soft, damp cloth and allow it to dry well.

You can also use a hairdryer to soften and loosen the crayon marks before you wipe them off with a clean cloth that has been moistened with a bit of baby oil.

When cleaning, save yourself time and work by focusing on stains after you have washed the walls. If you still see the stains after you have washed the walls, you may need to use a safe homemade stain remover.

Cleaning Your Wallpaper – How to Clean your Wallpaper

To detect if your wallpaper is washable, apply a bit of the dishwashing liquid in a not so noticeable spot. It is not washable if your wallpaper gets darker or absorbs the water.

Use your vacuum cleaner to clean every inch of the wall
Our cleaning solution is simple but effective. Add dishwashing soap to warm water in a bucket. Soak a microfibre rag in the warm water and wring out the rag well until it doesn’t drip.

In a circular motion, work from the bottom upwards gently. Make sure an area is blotted dry before moving to another area.

To remove oily stains from your wallpaper, lay a brown paper bag over the spot and iron the paper bag with a heated iron. The grease will melt and permeate into the bag of paper. You may shift the bag around a little and keep ironing until the oily mark is gone.

Another method to remove greasy stains is to sprinkle or brush talcum powder onto the stain. Let the talcum dwell for at least 30minutes or even 1hour before brushing it off the wallpaper.

Cleaning wood walls – How to Clean Wood Walls

Wood walls may require a different cleaning approach. To deeply clean the wood walls, mix your wall cleaner with a cup of water, 1/4 cup of white vinegar, ½ mineral oil and some drops of lemon oil. Mix thoroughly and use a clean cloth to apply the cleaner on the wood wall.

You may require more pressure for stubborn stains and a circular motion to lift more of the stain from the wood wall. You don’t need to rinse them; allow them dry.

If your wood panelling is real wood, you can treat it with a wood replenishing product after being cleaned. This treatment will prevent the wood from drying out and enhance your panelling appearance.

Conclusion – How to Clean Really Dirty Walls(DIY-GUIDE)

Nothing will keep walls clean like regular maintenance and cleaning; dusting your walls regularly will keep them clean and good looking. Little efforts applied regularly go a long way to keeping walls clean and shape.

Focus on the high touch areas like where the light switch, doorknobs, and door frames are. You have to clean safely, so every area with light switches, thermostats and other electrical connections must be prevented from getting wet.

To clean wall stains, you need to act promptly. If any water runs down the wall, rapidly soak it up with a towel to avoid stains. The sooner you wash off the stain, the more likely you will remove the stains.

The more you clean your walls, the less likely they will succumb to permanent stains and dullness. Cleaning every couple of months will keep your wall looking great for a long time.

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