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For a homeowner who has a garage carved within his compound or in his house or for a public garage, getting the best paint for metal garage door is the best choice you will make in painting your garage. I have a garage in my house with a metal door which I painted myself.

I’ve painted my Garage four times with a different kinds of paint. Each time I paint, it is usually with another type of paint that is different from the one I used before, and I can tell you with my experience the best kind of paint to use on your metal garage door.

Painting a garage can be overwhelming, but to enjoy the process and get the best result out of your painting, you need to get the best kind of paint to use and follow due process as it will be laid down in this article.

Metal Door or Wood Door. Which is Best for My Garage?

You can always use any material for your garage door, wood, metal, or glass. However, getting the best material to use for your garage door can be stuck, and it can be hard to decide.

However, I would not recommend a glass door for your garage. I’m sure you know why, except if you want to keep changing your garage door every week, especially if you got kids.

Glass is not durable and will not stand the test of time for a garage door. I made use of a wood door initially for my garage door and updated it to a metal door after a year.

Metal or wood, which one should I use for my garage?

Both materials have their advantages and their disadvantages.

Metal Door for your Garage

Durability: Metal Garage doors are durable compared to other materials, and they can stand the test of time. That is, they last longer than any other material. I’ve never had a reason to think of changing my metal door to any other material since I changed it from wood. Whatever you store in your garage will be kept safe and free from outside elements.

Maintenance: Metal door requires low maintenance compared to other kinds of materials. I put on a new painting on my metal door whenever I’m repainting my whole house, including my garage, which I do every December, and I have painted my house and my garage five times.

That is, I started renovating my house every December in 2017. A metal door requires Maintainance but less than a wooden door. You need to pay attention to your metal door; it could need retightening of the bolts and nuts, and the hinges may need lubrication or replacing, as the case may be.

Low Cost: Metal doors are cheaper than other materials. Installing a metal door for your garage will cost you a little more than installing a wood door for your garage.

Dent or Rust: However, despite these beautiful advantages of using a metal door for your garage, the cons of this is that the metal door is prone to rust. The metal door gets rust and gets dents on its surfaces, which sometimes you’ll always wonder where the dent on your door came from.

Wood Door for your garage

Soundproof: Unlike metal doors and other materials, wood doors are a barrier to sound. A wood door will create less or no noise, unlike a metal door, and if you’re living in a noisy area wood door will Barr the noise from getting too much in your house.

Elegance: Wood door gives a touch of elegance to your building and your garage. If you want your garage to look nice, a wood door is a good choice. Although other materials look nice on the house, a wood door is an option if you want a garage door that complements the house.

Maintenace: Wood requires a time to time treatment, although there are many natural treatments for a wood door that will help you keep it in shape. Unlike a metal door, the wood door requires maintenance. They need to be sanded and painted every year, if not every six months.

Cost: Wood is more expensive, and it takes a longer time to install, unlike the metal door.

My Verdict

Which is best for you to use in your garage? Both materials have their pros and cons. They are both great for your garage, having different features.

However, if you want a touch of elegance on a garage, you can go for wood. Although metal doors also provide such elegance, wood is the best option for this, and for this, you can even get a metal door and paint it to look like wood. Doing this you need to go through How to Paint Metal Door to Look Like Wood – How I Changed the Look of My Metal House Door to Look Like Wood ( The Best and Easiest Way)

On the other hand, metal doors are the greatest option if you want something that will endure the test of time, is low maintenance, and is cost-effective.

Now, what is my take? I recommend that you go for the metal door for your garage because, compared to other materials, it has a lot of benefits ranging from its durability to low maintenance. It will save you the worry of including garage maintenance on your budget every month.

As I said earlier, I used a wood door for my garage before I updated it to a metal door, and I will say a metal door is best for you and is cost-friendly.

Review of the Top 4 Best Paint for Metal door

1. Rust-Oleum Door Paint – Oil Based Paint

Rust-Oleum Door Paint is a recommended paint suitable for painting your metal garage door. I’m recommending this painting because of its attributes. I used this paint on my garage door, and it gave it the elegant look I desired. This paint sticks well to the metal surface and makes it easy to brush it all over the metal surface.

Rust-Oleum Door Paint never fades from your door; I’m boldly telling you that this paint lasts longer on the metal door, and it doesn’t fade easily. Using this paint on your door, you need to prepare your metal door surface, wash off dirt and scrape the metal door.

After that, you prime the door, and if it has been previously painted and your chosen color is darker than the original color, you don’t need to prime it. The next thing is to apply Rust-Oleum Door Paint on your door; paint the edges first before painting the whole surface.

This product is of great value and outstanding, so I recommend it for use.


  • Durability
  • Dries quickly
  • Offers a silk appearance
  • Great value for money
  • Odor-free


  • Limited colors
  • Needs Thinning


Rust-Oleum Door Paint is an affordable, easy-to-use eco-friendly, and versatile paint. This oil-based based is highly recommended if you want to get the best appearance of your metal door. However, it requires thinning. Thinning allows for an easy painting process using a brush; however, you may decide to use a sprayer or a brush.

2. Krylon Supermaxx all-in-one Spray paint

Krylon Supermaxxx all-in-one Spray paint is a great product covering a wide area in one application. This Krylon is all in one in that it is both primer and paint. I told you earlier I’ve painted my garage door five times, and each time I paint it, it is with a new product of paint.

When using Krylon, it relieves me of having to prime my door before applying the paint because this product does both processes in one application.

You don’t have to think about priming your wall when using this product. It does justice to that and gives you the best appearance you desire. I strongly recommend this product for its durability and that it is less complex to use compared to other products.


  • All in one, a primer and paint
  • It can be used on any materials, wood, glass, metal, and many more
  • Fast drying
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Low quantity


This product is fantastic and easy to use for anybody, including beginners who might not know or have little knowledge about painting. I strongly recommend this product because it will save you time, and I can bet you will enjoy the process of painting using this product because it is both primer and paint always gives the best finish on surfaces.

3. Modern Masters Satin Front Door Paint – Water Based

This product provides a good finish on metal doors. Modern Masters Satin Front Door Paint is a water-based paint that I recommend if you want a good finish on your surface. If you have dents on your metal door or rust particles, you’ll be amazed that there will be no trace of dents or particles on your door surface after applying this product.

You can use this paint with either a roller or brush, but I will advise using a roller to paint the surfaces while a brush to paint the edges and hinges and finish your door.

I’m recommending this because you might leave brush strokes on your door, especially if you’re a beginner, so being on the safer side, make use of a roller and use the brush to the finish.


  • Fast-drying
  • No-odor
  • Has a good coverage
  • Satin and Smooth finish


  • May leave brush marks


This product is another eco-friendly one with good coverage and sticks well to the surface. However, you should prime your door before applying this paint to attain the best possible result when using this paint.

4. FIX ALL Anti-Slip Skid Grip Paint

FIX ALL Anti-Slip Skid Grip Paint is available in multi shades that you will love. This product has a good adherence that is it sticks well to surfaces, and the beauty of this product is that it can be used on any kind of surface.
This paint has high durability and gives a unique look to a surface. I recommend this product.


  • Durable
  • Suitable for various surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Eco-friendly


  • Takes a long time to dry


This is one of the top products for metal doors and if your garage is made up of metal doors, then going for this product is a good choice. FIX ALL will give you that appearance you desire, a classy look, and a unique appearance to your door.

Buyer’s Guide

When going for the best paint to use on your metal garage door, there are certain factors you need to consider to make the best choice, and you must consider these factors before getting paint for your metal door. These factors include

Durability: When getting the best paint to use on your metal door, you need to consider its durability. Some paints do not last long, and within three months, you might need to retouch your door. The long-lasting formula is a must check in choosing the best paint.

However, the abovementioned points are all durable, and in the aspect of durability, the reviews above have done justice to that and will enable you to pick the best choice.

Drying- Drying Action: Another thing you need to consider is a fast-drying paint, especially if you’re detaching your metal door from the installation; in most cases, you have to detach your door from installation, or you can spread drop cloth underneath to protect outer surfaces.

And if your door is detached, you obviously cannot leave your garage or entrance open for long. So drying action is another important thing to consider.

Protection: Rust protection and how sticky a paint is another factor to consider when getting paint for your garage metal door. Paint has a good influence on the durability of your metal door.

You need to look out for a paint that sticks so well, absorbing dents and particles, which this article has done justice to that in the review of paints.

How to Paint Metal Garage Door

Most beginners or novices often have challenges painting their metal doors. However, this guide will guide DIY painters and novices who have little or no knowledge about painting the easiest and best way to professionally paint a metal garage door.

With your desired paint at hand, which should not be anything apart from the recommendations above, you will need some other materials to get this done.

Materials needed:

  • Paint stripper
  • Sandpaper
  • Tape
  • Paintbrush or roller
  • Primer


Step 1: Prepare your garage door for painting

The first step is to prepare your door for painting, and in doing this, you will need a scraper to smoothen any rough particles on your door, then clean the door using liquid soap and water. If your door has a painting already, you can start by removing the old paint using a paint stripper.

However, you may not do this. It is not essential, and not removing the paint will not affect your new painting if your new paint is a darker color but make sure if you will not be removing the old paint, your new paint has to be a darker color than the old paint.

Still, I will advise you don’t cut any corners and go through the process of removing old paint. And using a paint stripper. You need to use eye goggles and gloves. After scraping and cleaning your door then, you take the next step.

Step 2: Sand your door

After removing the old paint, the next thing to do is to sand your door. Sanding is a process you should not omit to make the particles and your door surfaces adhere.

Step 3: Apply Primer Primer

helps paint to stick better to a surface; primer sticks on the surface and the paint sticks on the primer. That explains the usefulness of a primer so well. So before painting, prime the door and endeavor to use quality primer on your door. Also, make sure you follow the primer’s directions.

Step 4: Apply Paint

After priming your door, the next thing to do is paint your door. Painting your door, especially if you’re not removing your door from installation, you need to tape the outer elements and the hinges before painting. Use a roller or a paintbrush to paint your metal door.

I prefer using a roller to paint my metal doors, and I use a brush for the edges and finish. I will advise you to do the same, but if you feel you are better off using a brush, it’s good, but if you are a beginner or a novice, then use a roller. Before painting the surfaces, start by painting the edges of your door.

Step 5: Drying

After painting, give it 12-15 hours to dry completely, and don’t try to hasten the drying process by using a fan of any type. You have to let it dry by itself to give you the best result, and after a couple of hours, BOOM, an elegant door is ready to be attached back to its installation, and you will be amazed by the result of your painting.


Should I Use a Roller or Brush to Paint my Metal Door?

I would advise using a roller, especially if you’re a beginner or a novice, then use a roller. You might use a brush to paint your door edges. I advised this because the roller is easier to use, and for you who are a beginner, you are most likely to leave brush strokes on your door, which may not look nice.

Can I Paint my Metal Door to Look like Wood?

There are several reasons why you will want your metal door to look like wood. Although wood gives an elegant look to your building, the Metal door has some benefits that cannot be overlooked, and as a result, you might think of getting a metal door and painting it to look like wood. The answer is Yes. You can paint your metal door to look like wood, and this article on How to Paint Metal Door to Look Like Wood – How I Changed the Look of My Metal House Door to Look Like Wood ( The Best and Easiest Way) will guide you on how to achieve this

What is the Best Color to Paint my Garage Door?

The best color depends on you and the exterior of your building. Some make use of their best color for their painting. So it all depends on the color you like to use on it. In terms of color, every color is the best color, just pick the best out of the bests and use it. And the color of you is your house painting also plays a huge role in what color to paint your garage door. It is always great to use a color that will complement the color of the house.

My Metal Garage Door is Rusty. Can Paint Make it Look New?

Sure, all you have to do is to sand your door, scrape it to smoothen the rust surfaces, and apply primer to it before painting. If you follow the steps above on how to paint your metal garage door, After painting, you will be satisfied with the new appearance of your rusted garage door.

What is the Type of Paint to Use on my Metal Garage Door?

The best type of paint to use for your metal garage door has been listed above. They include Rust-Oleum Door Paint, Krylon Supermaxx all-in-one Spray paint, Modern Masters Satin Front Door Paint, and FIX ALL Anti-Slip Skid Grip Paint.

Conclusion – Best Paint for Metal Garage Door

When painting your metal door, choosing the best product and following the procedure to go about it will give you the best result you want. What makes a painter a professional and gets the best result out of every painting is because procedures were followed, and the best product for such painting was gotten.

I will advise and encourage you to follow this procedure, and you will get the best out of yourself and your door.

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