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Hi, I’m Bright Calister

23 years ago, I did my first painting job in my room. I was 17 years old, and I’ve always loved painting. We had recently relocated to a new house, and my dad called on painters and other home interior professionals to come set up the whole house.

I told my dad not to worry about my room and that I will fix it. Why? There is this painting of Kobe Bryant I made in my drawing book.

I’ve always been his fan, and I have wanted to make a big portrait of it in my room; then I was like, I should draw this same picture in the centre of my room where it will be the first point of view for anyone coming in.

My dad was reluctant to allow me to do it though he knew I was good at drawing. He felt I might just mess it up because the art of drawing is different from the art of painting.

Guess what? When I noticed he wouldn’t allow me to do it. I bet with him that he should allow me to do this, and If I messed it up, he should withhold my allowance for three weeks.

That’s a lot; when I flash back to that experience, I wouldn’t just know what pushed me to this ridiculous bet then; how am I going to survive in school and some other activities I was into then. So if I didn’t mess it up, he would increase my allowance. That was the deal.

I Went to the store and asked a few questions about the type of paint they have. I bought paint and brought it home.

Drew my favourite picture of Kobe Bryant on the wall and painted my entire room, adding some little designs which I made out of creativity with tape and paint. When I was done, my dad came in, and I could see how surprised he was in his eyes.

He couldn’t believe I had made such a good painting. He was stunned and didn’t utter a word for the first three minutes, only for him to shout WELDONE, THIS IS BEAUTIFUL with a broad smile. I knew I had won already and didn’t waste time reminding him of the bet.

The next thing my dad did was to call those he made contact with to come to paint the house and told them not to bother, and that I will be painting the house, I was surprised and happy at the same time.

So I painted the whole house, and my dad gave me half of what the professionals charged him. I was so happy, bought games and became a big boy out of my peers .lol

Since then, friends called me to help them paint, started getting referrals, and I didn’t take it as my job; I was just doing it as a hobby, telling people whenever they needed to do a paint job, I was available. I grew up to be that paint star in my neighbourhood.

So, a few years back and till now, I got a lot of complaints from people that painting is overwhelming and that they’ve made a mess out of a lot of their projects, which I always provided solutions and still give them tips on how to go about it and the best type of paint to use.

And they come back thanking me, sharing my contact to others for me to five them pointing tips. Then I discovered that they are definitely a lot of people who are in this same shoes but don’t have any one to reach out to. Then I thought within myself to assist the online community in making painting easier, so I came about paintloverpro.

Our goal is to become the first and the best source of assisting DIY and professional painters in locating the best products and procedures for creating beautiful paint jobs that endures a long time.

Having over 19 years of experience and still learning new things as the painting world evolves, paintloverpro is a paint hub with the sole aim of making painting jobs easier for people and passing down the knowledge we acquired and still acquiring in our course of painting to the world at large.

Paintloverpro will assist you in locating the best products and procedures for creating beautiful paint jobs that endure a long time.

From clients I’ve dealt with, painting can be overwhelming when you don’t know how to go about it, and that’s the fact. You can make a mess of a painting work if you don’t know the right choice and painting procedures to follow, which may lead to wasting of money after finding out you probably got the wrong paint.

To avoid this, we take the obligation upon ourselves to ensure everything you need to know about painting your work is answered, the types of paint applicable for the kind of work you want to do, and so much more.

We do a series of research to ensure you are fed with adequate and up-to-date information to guide you in your DIY projects.

Paintloverpro is on a mission to supply you with the most up-to-knowledge about painting and related items to assist you in making your next painting project quick, easy, and pleasant.

Follow us on this Journey.